Barroilet House

This project consisted of a guesthouse addition to this historic English Tudor home along with major site work. The major site work included the addition of front main gates, a pool with a beach front entry, a detached Jacuzzi, gazebo, outdoor kitchen, arbors, and a grass play area. We altered a steep backyard by terracing it into multiple levels that provides a more gradual and gracious walking experience in the rear yard. The first level starts with a full outdoor kitchen and using low-pitched steps we gradually get to the pool level, jacuzzi level, and then the grass play area that resides right in front of the brand new detached guesthouse.

While the secondary dwelling unit may have been the original goal of this project, the major transformation of the rear landscaping with the terracing of the steep backyard along with the extensive stonework, that added planter and retaining walls that intertwined seamlessly with the new landscape, is where this home gained its most notable transformation.


Photography: John Sutton
Structural Engineer: SAABCO Consulting