About Solar Cube (SoCube)


  • High performance & utra-low energy usage- SoCube embeds a high level of energy efficiency and performance in the structure itself: The massing, the orientation, continuous thermal bridge free insulation, integrated windows and shading and so on. 90% less heating & cooling energy demand, and up to 75% overall energy demand through a “super insulated building”. The easiest way to understand it is that we build the house based on the principle of “thermos”, going to any length to minimize heat loss.
  • All- electric house- Generating its own energy with a small solar panel system and in addition providing enough energy to operate 1-2 electric cars. We anecdotally call it the “Tesla” of homes. If you are committed to reducing your carbon footprint and being part of the future, this home is for you.
  • Trend setting & innovative technologies- Dramatic reductions of building energy use. What underlies this house is not the science of megawatts or technological breakthroughs, but by optimizing the building structure itself to achieve human comfort.
  • Whole house ventilation system with heat recovery (HRV): constantly provides fresh, filtered air 24/7. The air is never stale, bugs, pollen and dust stay outside. Up to 95% of the warm exhausting air is transferred over to pre-heat the fresh incoming air. Both air streams run through a heat exchanger and do not mix. This saves up to 95% of energy compared to a building without such a system. Nine times a day the entire indoor air volume is replaced and filtered. Now that we know about how aerosols are transmitting Covid, this becomes an even more important feature.
  • Super efficient air source heat pumps provide heating and domestic hot water. Both run on electricity which the SoCube generates on its roof. In the summer time those units would also provide all your cooling needs.
  • Energy demand goes down. There are no cold spots and no draft. Through triple pane glazing you can sit right by the window without feeling any discomfort. Indoor temperature is always constant, Summers and Winters.


Specialty Consultant: Joaquin Karcher, Dipl. Ing. Architekt
Zero E Design, LLC, Taos

Rendering: Nooshin Shafiee