Hamid Hekmat

We empower discerning and sophisticated clients to realize their vision.


Working with long-standing collaborators, consultants and builders, I orchestrate a holistic approach to creative problem-solving where well-established principles of architecture and good design meet technology and innovation in the pursuit of beauty.

Custom residential commissions are the most personal of projects – after all, a house can reflect how a client sees themselves or spur how they wish to reinvent themselves – and I bring to the client engagement the expertise, experience and versatility to articulate the clients’ aesthetic – whether decidedly traditional, contemporary or modern, or a thoughtful melding of styles.

My scope of work encompasses architecture, interiors and site design, and my design thinking considers not only the pragmatic aspects of a project – its context, program, budget and schedule – but also, arguably more importantly, the clients’ goals, motivations and dreams.

Being an architect is what I always wanted to be. Early in my life, I visited an architect’s house, and that entry into a rarified world – a minimalist environment created by someone with an impeccable sense of order, care and commitment – sparked my own journey and inspired my design philosophy.

My career highlights include working on large-scale projects around the world, but I have always designed private residences.   Moving between those project types shaped my belief in the role of architecture as a common thread for creating sustainable communities. Since founding HrH Architecture in 2004, I have come full circle in my craft.


Successful architecture and design experiences are built on strong relationships nurtured over time.

Listening with intention enables me to take a clients’ wish-list and their ideas to inspire creative thinking beyond the possibilities. I work one-on-one with clients, and in close collaboration with my project team, toward an enjoyable journey with rewarding results.