Hamid Hekmat

We empower discerning and sophisticated clients to realize their vision.


Working with long-standing collaborators, consultants and builders, I orchestrate a holistic approach to creative problem-solving where well-established principles of architecture and good design meet technology and innovation in the pursuit of beauty.

Custom residential commissions are the most personal of projects – after all, a house can reflect how a client sees themselves or spur how they wish to reinvent themselves – and I bring to the client engagement the expertise, experience and versatility to articulate the clients’ aesthetic – whether decidedly traditional, contemporary or modern, or a thoughtful melding of styles.

My scope of work encompasses architecture, interiors and site design, and my design thinking considers not only the pragmatic aspects of a project – its context, program, budget and schedule – but also, arguably more importantly, the clients’ goals, motivations and dreams.

Being an architect is what I always wanted to be. Early in my life, I visited an architect’s house, and that entry into a rarified world – a minimalist environment created by someone with an impeccable sense of order, care and commitment – sparked my own journey and inspired my design philosophy.

My career highlights include working on large-scale projects around the world, but I have always designed private residences.   Moving between those project types shaped my belief in the role of architecture as a common thread for creating sustainable communities. Since founding HrH Architecture in 2004, I have come full circle in my craft.

Solar Cube

Passive House

Hamid is excited to be at the forefront of the field called Passive House which focuses on human comfort not primarily through technological systems but by optimizing the building structure itself. This practice is the future of architecture and construction.

Passive House has rightly been identified as the best tool we have today to cause dramatic reductions of building energy use. What underlies Passive House is not the science of megawatts or technological breakthroughs, but human comfort.

Passive House focuses on human comfort not primarily through technological systems but by optimizing the building structure itself.

Passive House empowers the architect’s design, and the builder’s skill to embed a high level of energy efficiency and performance in the structure itself: The massing, the orientation, continuous thermal bridge free insulation, integrated windows and shading and so on. Passive House is basic building science rigorously applied and optimized. Using the Passive House methodology, we can reduce heating and cooling energy demand by up to 90%, and overall energy demand by up to 75% in new buildings and in retrofits of existing buildings.

First developed by Bo Adamson and Wolfgang Feist, and formalized by the Passive House Institute, today, it is being successfully applied to practically every construction type, building typology, occupancy type, region and climate. The only limit is our imagination.

Visit one of the case studies: Dolan Street & Solar Cube


Successful architecture and design experiences are built on strong relationships nurtured over time.

Listening with intention enables me to take a clients’ wish-list and their ideas to inspire creative thinking beyond the possibilities. I work one-on-one with clients, and in close collaboration with my project team, toward an enjoyable journey with rewarding results.